The Randall Museum
is owned and operated
by the San Francisco
Recreation and Park Department

Philip A. Ginsburg,
General Manager

Live Animal Exhibit

Inside the Animal Exhibit, you will encounter over 100 animals that make their home in our Museum because they can no longer survive in the wild. Some are injured so they cannot hunt for food or protect themselves from predators. Others were born in captivity or kept as pets so they never learned how to live in the wild.

These animals help us learn about and appreciate California's diverse and disappearing wildlife. Over one hundred and fifty years ago, much of the Bay Area was wild, providing lots of habitat, or homes for wild animals. Today, there are more people, less open space, and fewer plants and animals. We can help animals in the wild by preserving their remaining habitats.

At this web site, we give you a glimpse at just a few of the amazing critters we house at the Randall Museum. We will feature many different animals in the future, so make sure you come back and visit. Even better, drop by in person to the Animal Exhibit at 199 Museum Way!

For information about volunteering with the animals at the Randall Museum, see the Volunteer page.

Click here to download a scavenger hunt worksheet to enhance your visit to the Animal Exhibit!


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