The Randall Museum
is owned and operated
by the San Francisco
Recreation and Park Department

Philip A. Ginsburg,
General Manager

Drop-In Science

Drop-In Science sessions at 10:30 each Saturday explore basic science concepts that surround us in our amazing world. Hands-on, interactive activities connect young scientists to these concepts while allowing them to take home the results of their work.  $4/child. Children 7 & under must be accompanied by an adult.  

October 4 - The changing phases of the moon never looked so beautiful! Learn the artful methods of printing by making your own Moon Prints.

October 11 - Sail away with science learning by building and sailing your own sail boat on the high seas.

October 18 - What time is it? Science time! Learn how people knew the time of day before clocks and watches by crafting a sundial.

October 25 - Halloween! No Saturday Science.

November 1 - As the winter winds are blowing in, discover how you can ride the gusts with your own handmade kite!

November 8 - Real paleontologists often use casts of dinosaur fossils to study extinct animals from the distant past. Learn the process of creating fossil molds to replicate some of the Randall Museum’s actual collections!

November 15 - Music comes in many strange forms with scientists creating instruments! Learn a new style of noisy whirligig to make your scientific symphonies.

November 22 - It sure is profound to be round! Learn why bubbles are always spherical by making crazy bubble wands.

November 29 - Plants and animals are not the only natural objects that grow beautifully. See how crystals develop and change over time by creating a crystal sculpture.

December 6 - Float or sink? Float or sink? Oh the pressure! Discover the affect that water pressure has on buoyancy with the amazing Cartesian Diver!

December 13 - Holiday Crafts Day! No Saturday Science.

December 20 - Let your imagination blast off by becoming a rocket scientist! Design and shoot off a high-flying air powered paper rocket.

December 27 - Use the scientific method to test the acidity of various household chemicals in this kitchen chemistry session.


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